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At Insum, our whole world revolves around Oracle APEX. Since its very beginnings, we’ve been using APEX as a full development environment, helping our clients’ create new and better business-empowering solutions. APEX has been very good to us, and we’ve grown into one of the world’s leading Oracle APEX consultancies.

We’re all in

When you believe in something as much as we believe in APEX, you want to do bigger and better things with it. Since the first time we used APEX to replace an Oracle Forms-based application, upgrading it to a multi-tenant, cloud-based version, we needed no further convincing: we saw what a great productivity tool it could be for the Oracle community. That experience opened the door to rapid growth in our own development practice. As our mastery of APEX grew, so did the scope and magnitude of the projects we undertook. Today we develop enterprise-grade applications of increasing power and complexity for a whole host of business needs.

Insum Labs

Ours is a special company culture, where we invest heavily in R&D via a development unit called Insum Labs, turning our very best ideas into productivity tools for our clients. One such idea stemmed from a problem that dated back to the very beginnings of the APEX technology.

Versioning is everything

One day at a conference, a young developer named Vincent Morneau was struck by how people were struggling with APEX’s incompatibility with version control systems. How could an incredible platform like APEX exist without an essential tool for doing your best work? Knowing that APEX does not produce the right kind of output files for VCS systems, Vincent spearheaded the search for a solution.

Our mission: Helping you do your very best work

Vincent focused on finding a way to extract the APEX application definition from the Oracle database, deconstructing it into individual components that external versioning software could interpret. After months of work, peer review and testing, APEXcl was born, a command line utility that extracts an APEX application and lays it on a file system repository in a clear, logical and hierarchical fashion. It’s a tool we think will become indispensable to individual APEX developers and teams alike, so they can do amazing work with greater control over source code than ever before.

In a very real way, the APEXcl story is the Insum story. It’s all about our commitment to our peers in the APEX community, and to making their work easier and more efficient. And it’s about people like Vincent and all the Oracle Experts here at Insum who are continuously innovating to bring speed and control to the development cycle using the tools they love, sharing them, and making them even better.

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