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In these trying times, please enjoy APEXcl free, until October 15th, 2020

We know times are hard.

We want you to enjoy all the benefits of APEXcl, free, no questions asked, until October 15th, 2020.

We’ll be in touch later to see if you want to keep using it after that date.

Our regular pricing will then apply, but until then, please enjoy it!

Your license will be good for both Cloud or On-Prem versions of our software.

APEXcl Cloud or On-Prem:
Which one is right for you?

With our Cloud service, there is nothing to install on your database. APEXcl users provide the path to their application export file, which is then processed by our own Cloud installation of APEXcl. The results of the processing are then sent back to the end user, and the application export file that was provided is immediately discarded.

This is perfect if you do not wish to install anything on your end, or do not have the necessary privileges to run the install scripts.

With the On-Prem version, all the processing happens in your own database, and nothing gets sent to our own server. In order for this to work, the software will prompt for the parsing schema user and password, and once-only for a SYSDBA user in order to create the APEXcl user and necessary objects and grants.

Both Cloud and On-Prem version have much the same functionality, but the On Prem version gives end users a bit more granular control in terms of the export. For example, you can choose to exclude application static files, theme files, audit columns, etc. This is not possible in the Cloud version.

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