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APEXcl usage scenarios

We can use APEXcl in a few ways, depending on the project team size and experience. This section will highlight common scenarios.

Single developer

If you are working alone on an APEX application, APEXcl is useful for the following reasons:

  • You can quickly review your own code at the end of a coding session
  • You can easily retrieve lost code of yours, or code that was overwritten
  • You can conveniently search for a piece of code directly within your code editor

A single developer working on an APEX application would use the --app flag of the APEXcl export feature:

apexcl export --app

This export operation can be repeated often. The best times are:

  • After a piece of functionality is completed
  • After a workday
  • Anytime you want to grab a snapshot of the application code

Team of developers

In addition to all the benefits gained in the “Single developer” section, APEXcl’s full potential is unlocked when working within a team of developers. With APEXcl, you no longer need to frantically search through the APEX Builder to look for changes. Any changes to an APEX application is displayed gracefully on your file system, on your version control system.

APEXcl allows you to export an application by:

    1. entire app
    2. one specific page
    3. components last updated by one specific developer

For teams, the last two options are useful because they allow you to extract only specific components from an APEX application.

Here are two ways that you can integrate APEXcl within a team.

Every team member commits his or her APEXcl code

It is good practice to have each team member export his or her own page (apexcl –page ) or the components they last updated (apexcl –user ).

Every developer checks in his or her own code to git, and it allows the team lead to properly look at the evolution of the app over time, per team member. Similar to exporting an entire application, this partial export operation can be repeated often. Best times are:

After a piece of functionality is completed
After a workday
Anytime you want to grab a snapshot of the application code

The team leads commits the entire APEXcl code

In less experienced teams, APEXcl can be used by relaying the export operations to a team lead. The team lead can periodically use the APEXcl export feature to monitor the work that was done by other team members.

The team lead can decide to export a page that another developer is working on. The team lead can also decide to export the components last updated by someone else.

APEXcl becomes a monitoring tool that improves quality control for your team.

Mixing scenarios

You don’t have to stick to one these scenarios. Some times you may want to export the entire app, and some other times only specific pages.

APEXcl is flexible and allows for you and your team to scale. When new developers join your team, the team lead can undertake the APEXcl operations for them. Eventually each team member can check in his or her own APEXcl code.

You can stop using APEXcl for a while and start again later. If you stop using APEXcl for a while, the effect is only that you will have created a time lapse on your version control system where nothing was checked in.

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