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Better quality APEX work.

Your APEX application export file broken down into granular components your favorite version control system can interpret. Run a diff to see what’s changed.

New! APEXcl Cloud

Do you lead a team of APEX developers and need to know what’s changed?

If you have a team of APEX developers that are working on one or more projects, you might worry that it is difficult or almost impossible to review their APEX development work. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy way to see what’s changed in your applications (reports, css, javascript, dynamic actions, etc), and give them a once-over before even before they get to UAT?


Does your client need a better view into your work?

You might be working for a client that wants to have a better view into the work you are delivering. With APEXcl and your client’s source control tool, they can easily see what work has been done to progress various tasks or issues.


Are you a solo developer with a desire to do better work?

We all know those days. You’ve made one change after another, throughout your application, and things are really broken. But you’ve lost track of what you’ve done! You might not want lose all your work and revert everything back, but you’d really love to be reminded of all the little changes you’ve made so you can step back through them.

If this is you, then APEXcl can help

So what's changed?

APEXcl lets you:

  • Increase software quality
  • Save both time and money: find your bugs before they get to production!

APEXcl generates output files compatible
with your version control system:

  • See your application definition as a clear, logical, hierarchical layer of files with the right file extensions.
  • Makes versioning of components and analyzing their history easy
  • Enables efficient code review and side-by-side comparison of changes
  • Breaks out changes by contributor
  • Keep track of which team members are doing what

The version control gap

Low code doesn’t mean no code. There’s value in tracking that underlying your APEX export file. APEX export files are not designed for source code management.

Without APEXcl

With APEXcl

Harness the power of your version control tool

APEXcl reads your application, deconstructs it into individual components and organizes them into a clear, logical and hierarchical file structure which can be used on external version control systems.

Track changes to your APEX pages

Track changes to your shared components

View each component as a single file, with the right extension

Track changes for source code

Use your version control system to make elegant, side-by-side, before-and-after comparisons, giving you a true window in time into the lifecycle of each component, including who did what.

SVN, Git, and more

APEXcl supports many of the most popular version control systems and platforms, giving APEX low-code environment users the kind of source code management capabilities professionals expect.

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