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Make the leap to version control

Do better work.

Finally, your APEX application export file broken down into granular components your favorite version control system can interpret!

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APEXcl lets you:

  • Increase software quality
  • Build team cohesion
  • Boost efficiency saving both time and money
  • Improve DevOps

APEXcl generates APEX output files compatible
with your version control system:

  • Enjoy low-code development on your file-based version control system:
    have your cake and eat it too!
  • See the application definition as a clear, logical and hierarchical layer of files in their corresponding languages
  • Makes versioning of components and analyzing their history easy
  • Enables efficient code review and side-by-side comparison of changes
  • Breaks out changes by contributor
  • Keep track of which team members are doing what

The version control gap

We love the APEX low code development environment. But low code doesn’t mean no code, and there’s real value in tracking that underlying source code. Easier said than done because the file structure in the APEX repository simply is not suitable for version control systems to interpret. Until now.

Without APEXcl

With APEXcl

With APEXcl, you’re in control

APEXcl extracts the application definition from the Oracle APEX repository, deconstructs it into individual components and organizes them into a clear, logical and hierarchical file structure which can be used as an input to external versioning software.

With APEXcl

View each component as a single file in a user friendly way in its own language(s)

With APEXcl

Track changes for source code

With APEXcl, you can use your version control system to make elegant, side-by-side, before-and-after comparisons, giving you a true window in time into the lifecycle of each component, including who did what.

With APEXcl

SVN, Git, and more

APEXcl supports many of the most popular version control systems and platforms, giving APEX low-code environment users the kind of source code management capabilities professionals expect.

Make the leap to version control

Need a hand?

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